I am Mari-Liis. I am an Estonian, but spent five years of my life in Athens, Greece and the blog was started during this period, thus the title. Back in Estonia now, I decided to keep the title, hopefully it is not too confusing!

The very first dresses I made were for my Barbie dolls at the age of 10 maybe. But don´t get me wrong – these were Barbie clothes with patterns! So at around that age, with the help of my mother, I actually made not only dresses, but tiny morning robes, coats, trousers etc.

After a point where, as a teenager with no patience at all, all the trousers I was trying to make (this time for myself) started twisting weirdly around my legs, there came a long break from any sewing, until recently.  And this time the obsession is dresses. Occasionally I make other garments as well, but dresses surely are my favorite items to make and naturally, to wear.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

20 thoughts on “About

  1. hi,
    I was surprised to c the quality of ur work ,its beautiful.I enjoyed the pics taken in different places with beautiful background.nice job.I wish u all the best .

      1. You’re welcome! Please let me know if you’d be interested in working together designing some prints for fabrics. I’d love to see something I’ve painted/designed used that way. 🙂

  2. tere! i stumbled upon your blog while looking for inspirations for sewing. it turns out we have the same addictions: fabrics and dresses. 🙂 i like your creations, and also love it that you share information on lovely fabric stores around the world (or well, around Europe at least!). i’m following your blog now, so please keep on sewing! 😀

    1. Hey!

      Thank you so much! I have not traveled outside of Europe yet, so far I am only reading other people´s blog posts about some megastores in the States, but one day I will do that as well! Thank you for following and commenting!

  3. Hi (: i love your blog….
    im also searching fabric around the world and ive found your articles fasinating !!! I wanted to ask what Is the name of the shop you mentioned in ishoj train station while you were visiting copenhagen? (Where the owner sold everything for 30dkk) thanks and good luck!

    1. Hey and thanks for commenting! I am afraid I cant recall the name of that shop. And it could easily have been something pretty plain, like “Fabrics” 🙂 Sorry I cannot help you!

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